Publication 91-89546-16-4

Sägner från skogsbygden

Britt-Marie Carlstedt

Hakas-Gunnar was a farmer from Källsjö parish in Halland. He was a diligent researcher countryside that went around the farms and made their records. He wrote down several thousand pages. This publication covers a small sample of all of these.

The records are from the early 1900s. Often they are told by someone who was born in the 1800s and therefore the content is old. Through court records it is possible to verify a number of events. However, they have occurred much earlier than previously thought. They have taken place in the parishes Rolfstorp, Skällinge, Stamnared, Nösslinge, Källsjö, Karl-Gustav, Gunnarsjö, Ullared and Fagered.


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