Publication 91-89546-15-6


Gunnar Carlstedt

rp8601 is a concept in terms of applicative computer. This developed during the period 1986 to 1993.

The basic concept is that the application language, processes, computers, and all hardware must be applicative. This differs markedly from what was then and is now normal. The goal is to increase efficiency in programming, maintenance, and create scalability.

The language H is a mix between functional and logic languages. Processes are defined by a set of related behaviors. A system consists of a unification of the ports of the processes. A computer unifies input/output ports with a program.

The hardware is data driven, consisting of a number of devices with memory and arithmetic performing reductions, copying and duplicating a graph. This allows a large parallelism and thus high performance. The units can be distributed in the room. Chips are manufactured.

The report is an overview of the technique used.


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