Publication 91-89546-09-1

The brickworks at Åby kvarn

Britt-Marie och Gunnar Carlstedt, Bengt Bengtsson, Göran Bengtson

An old brickworks has been found.

Bengt bengtsson, Åsby, found about 1956 a notable hill near Himleån, som hundreds of meters downstream Kvarnagården, about 20 m long and 8-10 m wide, that did not fit into the view.

Historical documents shows that year 1640 the works has been leased by Arent Berntssen. It belonged to the castle and was situated near Åby kvarn. People should since long time deliver wood to the plant. Year 1588 Jörgen Brahe had to maintain the plant. One half of the bricks should be delivered to king.

During the 1570´s the castle was repaired. The fortress was built around year 1600. About 4000 m3 of clay has been extracted from the clay pit., which is enough for 1.900.000 bricks of medieval type. The consumption year 1610 during the construction of Varbergs fortress was 8.000 bricks. The construction took 24 years. The total production would be enough for a sigificant part.

Year 1481 there was an extensive and accurate declaration of the resources found in the parishes. In this list there was no brickworks mentioned. Thus the brickworks is built later.

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